6 Surprising Things You CAN Do With Your Storage Unit

All over the internet you can find lists of things you can’t do or store in your storage unit. You might be surprised at some of the things you are allowed to use it for. Take a look at this list.

Do you have sneaky kids who seem to always find their presents before the holiday? Or maybe you live in an apartment, or don’t have a basement to hide them. How many times have you stayed up past bedtime just so you could wrap them in secret? Instead, you could do a short-term rental on a climate-controlled storage unit and set up shop inside. Shelves for the gift storage, tables and a rolling cart for the gift wrapping. You could even share the unit with your sister or best friend. The only hard part is coming up with a good excuse about where you’ve been!

Do you avoid selling you items on Marketplace or any of the other seller sites because you don’t want a bunch of weirdos coming to your house? We get it. You can store your items in climate-controlled storage and meet the buyers there instead. Inside. Not at your house, and not outside at a police station. The bonus is that the entire facility has cameras, adding a layer of security.

There is no better place to keep real estate staging items than in quality climate-controlled storage units. The doors are wide, the elevators are large, and they have carts for easy in-and-out. Plus, with climate control you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew on your fabrics. With a large enough unit, you can even clean and repair your items on-location, as long as you are using a battery powered generator and lights.

While you can’t actually run your business out of your storage unit or use the facility for your mailing address, you can store your supplies and equipment there. Cleaning companies (that use natural products) often do this. The vacuums, floor cleaners and other equipment are there for employee access. Because let’s be honest – a storage unit is much less expensive than expanding your building or buying more commercial real estate.

Yes – you read that right. “Stuffed” animals. Your prized swordfish, elk head, full mount bear, deer heads, whatever. If you need a place to store them, it MUST be climate-controlled storage. We’ll just leave it to your imagination as to what dust, pests, and moisture can do to taxidermy. Ew. Why would someone even need to store those things? Just ask Bass Pro Shops. Or your favorite science teacher.

While you can’t do photo shoots of people in your storage unit, you most certainly can store your props, backdrops and other equipment there. You can even set up a small studio backdrop for product photography. Whether that is for your eBay or Etsy shop, Marketplace, or your store website. All it takes are a few magnets to hang the backdrop and some battery-operated lights. Whether you are restoring furniture or wreath-making, often hobbyists will photograph and store their creations in a storage unit until sale.