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4 Pro Tips to UN-Deck the Halls After the Holidays

4 Pro Tips to UN-Deck the Halls After the Holidays

The holiday season is a whirlwind of joy, festivities, and enough decorations to make your home look like Santa's workshop exploded. Now that it is all over you are left with the daunting task of packing up and storing those holiday treasures for the next year. Don’t worry, we have the ultimate guide to safely stashing away your holiday cheer until next year.

Ecommerce Business the Case for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Ecommerce Business the Case for Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Running a successful ecommerce business requires a lot of strategic planning, efficient operations, and smart management of resources. One crucial aspect initially overlooked is inventory storage. Many online entrepreneurs eventually find themselves buried in inventory and questioning whether renting a self-storage unit is a wise investment for their growing business. So let’s explore the reasons why opting for a self-storage solution might be a game-changer for your ecommerce venture.

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Long-term Travel

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Long-term Travel

Extended travel is an exciting adventure. Whether you are exploring new places, jetting off on a work assignment, taking a much-deserved break, or embarking on that trip of a life-time, an important aspect to consider is the safe storage of the belongings you are leaving behind. Leaving your prized possessions in an unoccupied home is a thief’s dream come true. This is where a reliable self-storage facility can be your best friend. When choosing a location to rent a storage unit, several factors come into play to ensure accessibility, security, and peace of mind during your travels.

3 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Install Storage Racks in Your Unit
If you've ever used self-storage, you probably know that it can be like a treasure hunt for your own possessions. It's also a bit like playing a life-sized game of Tetris, trying to fit all your stuff into a limited space. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With just a little research, thought, and planning using self-storage can actually be a great experience. Follow along with our tips and tricks to make it easier on yourself.

Storing rugs and carpets

4 Practical Tips for Storing Rugs and Carpets

When it comes to storing your rugs and carpets, it isn’t exactly rocket science. There are, however, a few essential steps you should consider to ensure your rugs retain their value and quality while in self-storage. While it seems simple, storing them improperly can be a costly mistake, so take these simple precautions and protect your investment.

storage access dos and donts

11 Do’s and Don’ts to Organizing Your Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Setting up your self-storage unit for easy and frequent access is essential to be able to get to your items quickly, easily, and efficiently. Even if you believe in your heart-of-hearts that you won’t need into your unit any time soon, or at all, trust us, the experts, when we say you will. We want your experience to be wonderful. That’s why we are giving you these 10 Do’s and Don’ts of organizing your unit for easy access.

5 Great Reasons Self Storage Is On The Rise

5 Great Reasons Self Storage Is On The Rise

For decades “bigger is better” has been the American mindset. Bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger toys. So, it would make sense that self-storage has been on a steady rise. But things have changed in recent years that have made the self-storage industry absolutely boom. Believe it or not, it is for the exact opposite reason – downsizing – thanks to the pandemic. We know, we know, the pandemic is old news. But with it now in our rear-view mirror we can take a look at the evidence, and see if YOU recognize yourself in the story of one of the 10 million households that fit into 5 categories of people who benefit from self-storage.

Life on the road

Life on the Road: What to Take, Store, and Ditch

If there are two things we have all learned in the last few years, it’s that time is precious, and work can be portable. Because of that, people are now more mobile than ever. Living on the road, both for a limited time and permanently, burst onto the scene like a surprise celebrity appearance, and it is here to stay. Whether you are an over-the-road driver, moving full-time onto your houseboat, backpacking through Europe, or travelling the continent in your van or RV, there are universal steps to take to make your new lifestyle both functional and enjoyable.

Storage for students

10 Benefits of Self Storage for College Students

It’s spring and you are about to graduate high school. You got a scholarship to a great school, but it is a state or two away in the Midwest. As you and your parents are preparing, you are starting to realize the logistics of such a move from semester to semester are a little – or a lot - harder than you first thought. You can use a moving truck to get there and back every few months. You can ship everything in and build it there, but then how do you move it out? Have you considered that maybe your best solution is a climate-controlled storage unit? Here are 10 reasons why.


6 Surprising Things You CAN Do With Your Storage Unit

All over the internet you can find lists of things you can’t do or store in your storage unit. You might be surprised at some of the things you are allowed to use it for. Take a look at this list.

6 Things Your Storage Unit CANNOT Be Used For

6 Things Your Storage Unit CANNOT Be Used For

We get it. Climate controlled storage is a steal compared to residential or commercial rent. Which is why it is a great option for your stuff when you run out of room. While you can use your storage unit for a lot more than you might think, there are several activities that are NOT allowed in the majority storage facilities. While most of this should go without saying, let’s review.



If you’ve ever known a musician, or are one, you know this to be true: just one instrument is never enough. So, there will most certainly come a day - when you have to move, or you inherit or are gifted a collection, or countless other reasons - that you will need to store your very valuable and very delicate instruments. In order to be sure you don’t ruin your rather significant investment you will need to do it right.
7 reasons you should use self storage during remodeling

7 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage During Remodeling

You are finally getting the new flooring, kitchen, carpeting, or maybe even that complete renovation you’ve been longing for. But it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. So what are you going to do with all of your furniture, or dishes and appliances? Here are seven reasons you should consider climate-controlled self-storage.

Outdoor Gear Storage
4 Tips for Storing Your Outdoor Gear

Let’s be honest – buying outdoor and camping gear can get expensive, even when it’s cheap. Whether you are using it only a couple times a year, or you have high quality equipment you use often, the last thing you want is to have your investment – and your plans - go down the tubes by storing it improperly.

Winter furniture storage
3 Ways to Store Your Outdoor Furniture This Winter

Winter is coming! No, really – it’s not just a line from a television series. As much as we don’t want it, winter is on its way. The first frost was already here to destroy our plants, and nighttime temperatures are occasionally dipping below freezing. Why is this important? Because your patio furniture needs you.

Business Files
6 Tips for Storing Business Files

Off-site storage of your paper documents has never been easier or safer than it is today. But there are several things each business should take into consideration.

6 insurance tips

6 Easy Tips Insurance Companies Say You Should Follow When Renting a Self-Storage Unit


These locks provide a higher level of security compared to other locks. The closed shackle of a disc lock would be nearly impossible to penetrate with a bolt cutter, and since they have more pins, disc locks are considered "anti-pick'. The dual locking mechanism makes it impervious to prying, as well. Disc padlocks have the reputation as the number one safest padlock.

Pest Proof

3 Ways to Pest-Proof Your Storage Unit

PESTS. Insects. Bugs. Mice. Spiders. Just thinking about them makes you shudder. You take all the steps to make sure you don’t have them in your house, but what do you do when you move your belongings to a storage unit and pest control isn’t up to you anymore?

6 Reasons Elevators Are Important

You’ve figured out that renting a storage unit is definitely the way to go. How do you decide which one? Believe it or not, elevators matter. It’s more than just that the facility has one. Here are six things you should know about the elevators before you make


Is Your Self-Storage Facility Protecting Your Property?

You’ve done the research and read the blogs. You’ve packed everything properly, and bought the recommended lock. So your items should be safe at any storage facility, right? Wrong. When it comes to security, all self-storage companies are not created equal.
What to store

What to Put Away in Storage (And What Not to)

If this is your first time renting a self-storage unit, you may not realize that there are some very common items that have to either be prepped before storing, or that simply aren’t allowed. Assuming that you can guess the rules about what you should and should not store, or even what is prohibited could turn out to be both a costly and dangerous mistake because not everything is as obvious as you would think. After all, if you can store an item in your garage, why wouldn’t you be able to store them in your rental unit, right?

Lock Inequality
All Locks Are Not Created Equal
Posted March 2022

Unless you've rented a storage unit you might not know that while most Storage Companies provide some security in the form of a security gate and cameras, you, the renter, are primarily responsible for the most important step in your own individual unit's security from theft - the lock.

How to pack

How to Pack a Storage Unit

Posted Feb. 2022

There is a strong wind from the east, the forecast is calling for snow and ice and you decide it is time to visit your storage unit and pull out your winter coats for your family. You open several boxes before you find the right one and you turn around to find that you have completely blocked yourself in.

Climate Controlled

Why Climate Controlled?

Posted Jan. 2022

Choosing the right facility for your self-storage is an important decision. When deciding on a unit to rent, you should consider the location, price, security, and what size unit you need. The ultimate factor becomes, what do you need to store?