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You’ve done the research and read the blogs. You’ve packed everything properly, and bought the recommended lock. So your items should be safe at any storage facility, right? Wrong. When it comes to security, all self-storage companies are not created equal.

What to Put Away in Storage (And What Not to)

If this is your first time renting a self-storage unit, you may not realize that there are some very common items that have to either be prepped before storing, or that simply aren’t allowed. Assuming that you can guess the rules about what you should and should not store, or even what is prohibited could turn out to be both a costly and dangerous mistake because not everything is as obvious as you would think. After all, if you can store an item in your garage, why wouldn’t you be able to store them in your rental unit, right?

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All Locks Are Not Created Equal
Posted March 2022

Unless you've rented a storage unit you might not know that while most Storage Companies provide some security in the form of a security gate and cameras, you, the renter, are primarily responsible for the most important step in your own individual unit's security from theft - the lock.

How to Pack a Storage Unit

How to Pack a Storage Unit

Posted Feb. 2022

There is a strong wind from the east, the forecast is calling for snow and ice and you decide it is time to visit your storage unit and pull out your winter coats for your family. You open several boxes before you find the right one and you turn around to find that you have completely blocked yourself in.

Why Climate Controlled?

Why Climate Controlled?

Posted Jan. 2022

Choosing the right facility for your self-storage is an important decision. When deciding on a unit to rent, you should consider the location, price, security, and what size unit you need. The ultimate factor becomes, what do you need to store?