Posted May 2022
You’ve done the research and read the blogs. You’ve packed everything properly, and bought the recommended lock. So your items should be safe at any storage facility, right? Wrong. When it comes to security, all self-storage companies are not created equal.

Could a thief walk right up to your storage unit door? Some outdoor facilities don’t have even a fence. Slightly better are those that have a fence, and an electronic gate that requires a code. Unfortunately, thieves have figured out how to jump fences, use wire cutters to go through chain link, or simply wait until someone enters their code then piggyback through the gate before it closes. The best option for security is an indoor climate controlled facility that has live staff in the building. Sixty 5 Self-Storage goes a step farther, providing unique access codes to their tenants, and a 2-phase entry system. Not only does it keep non-tenants from strolling in, it also lets management know who was in the building and when, if something ever were to happen.

Does the facility you are considering have camera systems? How many? Are they live and monitored? Do they record? Does it cover everywhere or are there blind spots? Sixty 5 Self-Storage has a total of 49 cameras. One at every intersection and in the lobby inside, but also outside covering the entrances and the parking lot. During business hours the staff can monitor every unit to make sure that customers access only their own and there are no shenanigans. During non-access hours the cameras continue to record and can be accessed remotely if needed.

How well-lit is the facility? Is the parking lot flooded with light or is there one on a pole at the end of the row and you are using your headlights to see inside your unit? Look for a place that is well-lit throughout, and has motion sensor lighting. Thieves dislike outdoor motion sensor lights because you are able to track their every move as opposed to consistent lighting where they can find and stick to the shadows. Inside, motion sensor lights let you know when someone else is on the floor with you, and where they are so you won’t be surprised.

If someone enters your storage facility without the proper code or fob would anyone know? Does management know when someone is on premise? What if someone is on the grounds after hours? Not only does Sixty 5 Self-Storage have a state of the art Ring alarm system, it is installed on every exterior door and interior stairwell door. The doorbells and cameras let them know when someone is there. This is great for security, but also if you need help. Their friendly staff will always check in with you.


Yes, you read that right. At Sixty 5 Self-Storage every night after access hours end, Task9 Security brings their canine team and does a security sweep of the entire building. They make sure the building is empty, but more importantly, they detect any dangerous substances. If anything is detected, the tenant is contacted and asked to remove the items immediately, or the tenant’s lease is terminated.

*At Sixty 5 Self-Storage we take the safety and security of our tenants and the items you entrust to us very seriously. Our goal is to treat you and your possessions with the same care as if they were our own. For more details please reach out to us by calling or stopping by.