All Locks Are Not Created Equal

Posted March 2022
Unless you've rented a storage unit you might not know that while most Storage Companies provide some security in the form of a security gate and cameras, you, the renter, are primarily responsible for the most important step in your own individual unit's security from theft - the lock.

While a novice renter might think that any padlock from the nearest hardware store will do, an experienced self-storage renter (or at least one who has learned the hard way) knows that the type of lock you use does make a big difference. And using the wrong one can end up costing you, well...everything in your unit.

When it comes to locking up your valuables, less is definitely not more. While a disc lock might cost a few more dollars up front, they are worth the investment. The stainless steel casing alone is worth the extra expense.

But disc locks aren't only good looking, they are effective. The most common method thieves use to break into storage units (or to break open a padlock) is bolt cutters. If you know anything about bolt cutters, you can see how the closed shackle of a disc lock (shown below) would be nearly impossible to penetrate with this tool.