Life on the Road: What to Take, Store, and Ditch

Life on the road
If there are two things we have all learned in the last few years, it’s that time is precious, and work can be portable. Because of that, people are now more mobile than ever. Living on the road, both for a limited time and permanently, burst onto the scene like a surprise celebrity appearance, and it is here to stay. Whether you are an over-the-road driver, moving full-time onto your houseboat, backpacking through Europe, or travelling the continent in your van or RV, there are universal steps to take to make your new lifestyle both functional and enjoyable.

The very first step after deciding to take to the road is to weigh the pros and cons of keeping your current home. Questions to consider are: How long will you be gone? Will you have someone reliable to watch over your home and keep it safe? Hint: it probably isn’t your brother-in-law. Do you need the sale money to go towards your new mode of living? Would you prefer to have income from renting or sub-letting it? Do you plan to move back in? Once you know the answer to those questions you can move to the next step.

If you are like most of us, every time you move you are shocked by how much you have accumulated. Just one step shy of a “HOARDERS” episode. This time will be no different! Even if you choose to keep your home and your belongings, for safety’s sake there are items of both monetary and sentimental value that you won’t want to leave behind mostly unattended. You could try to store your valuable and sensitive items with a relative. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee they have the room, or even a proper place, meaning climate controlled as opposed to a garage, shed, or attic. On top of that, accessibility may not be the easiest, especially when you just need a quick in-and-out trip. You know how moms are! For these reasons and more you may want to consider climate-controlled storage.

Even with your now very limited space, there are definitely some things that you need to take on the road with you. After all, you do want to be comfortable, and also prepared. And if you are driving through Kansas, entertained.

Things to take:
  • Important Documents -driver’s license, auto insurance, health insurance, and passport
  • Credit Cards
  • Versatile clothing – “capsule wardrobe”, weather appropriate, a jacket
  • Sleeping gear – mattress or mat, sleeping bag or bedding
  • Prescriptions – ask your doctor for 90 days or more
  • Phone, laptop or tablet, chargers, power convertor
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Basic car care and tool kits

There are some things that you just can’t bear to part with. And there are some things you shouldn’t part with, like your college degree that took you two extra years to earn because you never could make it to your 8 a.m. class. Depending on what your future living situation will be you may even want to keep quite a bit of your household. What most people living on the road have found is that their storage unit becomes almost a like a “home base” for them. A secure place where they can trust that their most important belongings will stay safe until they are needed. But it’s important to know what you can and can’t store so do your research.

Things to store:
  • Non-essential documents - birth certificate, marriage license, deeds, titles, policies
  • Clothing - out of season, formal, or nostalgic clothing
  • Electronics – especially larger like TVs, or expensive like desktop computers or gaming consoles
  • Precious mementos
  • Furniture you intend to use again later
  • Items or inventory you need for your job

If you don’t plan to return to your current home for a n extended period of time, or maybe ever, there is a long list of items you will want to either sell or give away. You can use the money to fund your new adventures. You could bless a family or charity. And you can “bless” your own family with cherished items, like the lace doilies your great grandma knitted.

Things to ditch:
  • After digitizing – photos, books, records, CDs, DVDs, kids school papers
  • As many mementos and heirlooms to other family as you can
  • Furniture, electronics, household items, kitchen small appliances
  • Extra anything: bedding, blankets, dishes, craft supplies
  • Home decor
  • Lawn tools and equipment, outdoor furniture

At Sixty5 Storage we know that this can be an emotional time. That’s why we have storage units in varying sizes. So you can keep as much as you want. With our state-of-the-art secure facility, you can feel comfortable with leaving your precious belongings in our care. They will be here for you every time you come in, exactly in the condition you left them.

With our online size guide, you can choose the unit you need, and our convenient online rental system will let you book it right away. The best part is that no matter where in the world your travel takes you, we have an easy online payment system. Our convenient location and keyless entry mean you can come and go to your unit as you please. Call us any time with your questions and we hope to see you on your next trip through!