4 Practical Tips for Storing Rugs and Carpets

Storing rugs and carpets
When it comes to storing your rugs and carpets, it isn’t exactly rocket science. There are, however, a few essential steps you should consider to ensure your rugs retain their value and quality while in self-storage. While it seems simple, storing them improperly can be a costly mistake, so take these simple precautions and protect your investment.

1. Protecting Against Pests
Pests can quickly turn your storage unit into their new habitat, wreaking havoc on your rugs and carpets. To prevent this, take a proactive approach by thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning your rugs before storage. This eliminates any potential food particles or attractive scents, making your rugs less attractive to bugs and mice. Additionally, consider using pest repellents or mothballs to deter unwanted visitors. While pest control can be difficult in and exterior access storage unit, a benefit of a climate-controlled self storage facility is pest control. Indoor facilities often take measures such as regular spraying, traps, and high and low cleaning to keep pests outside where they belong.

2. Embrace Climate-Controlled Storage
Fluctuations in temperature and humidity are detrimental to the integrity of your rugs and carpets. Extreme conditions lead to mold growth, fiber weakening, and color fading. Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit helps maintain stable conditions, safeguarding your rugs against these issues. In addition to temperature control, a good climate-controlled storage facility also keeps a close eye on humidity, keeping the floors and walls of your unit dry, preventing seepage.

3. Proper Preparation
Before storing your rugs, ensure they are clean and completely dry. Any moisture trapped within the fibers can lead to mold and mildew growth. Gently roll your rugs, pile side in, to minimize creasing. Avoid folding, as this can cause permanent damage to the fibers. Next, wrap your rolled rug in acid-free paper or a clean, breathable fabric. This protective layer prevents dust accumulation and shields the rug from direct contact with the storage unit's surfaces. It can also act as a barrier to any potential pest invasions.

4. Elevate and Ventilate
Placing your rolled and wrapped rugs directly on the floor of the storage unit is a no-go. Instead, elevate them on pallets or shelves to avoid potential moisture seepage from the ground. This practice also promotes proper air circulation, which is crucial for maintaining the rugs' freshness. The last thing anyone wants when they unroll a rug, whether to use it or sell it, is a musty smell.
The proper storage of rugs and carpets is a crucial task to maintain their value and condition. Following these practical steps will ensure that your rugs remain in top-notch condition while waiting for their next grand appearance. At Sixty5 Self Storage, we're here to provide you with the expertise and facilities to make your storage experience worry-free and successful. Stop by Sixty5 Self Storage at 2107 S Eastgate Ave, Springfield, MO 65809 for a tour. Or click here to see sizes and prices of units available. Our team is here for you so call, click, or come by today.