How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Long-term Travel

How to Choose the Best Storage Unit for Long-term Travel
Extended travel is an exciting adventure. Whether you are exploring new places, jetting off on a work assignment, taking a much-deserved break, or embarking on that trip of a life-time, an important aspect to consider is the safe storage of the belongings you are leaving behind. Leaving your prized possessions in an unoccupied home is a thief’s dream come true. This is where a reliable self-storage facility can be your best friend. When choosing a location to rent a storage unit, several factors come into play to ensure accessibility, security, and peace of mind during your travels.
1. Proximity to Major Highways One of the most crucial aspects to consider when choosing a self-storage location during your long-term travel is its proximity to major highways. Opting for a facility located near a major route can save you time and effort when you need to get to your possessions. Highways offer convenient routes, and a nearby storage facility means you may not have to navigate narrow streets or sharp turns, especially if you are in an RV or semi-truck.
2. Easy Access Accessibility should be a top priority when selecting a self-storage location for your long-term travel needs. Look for facilities that offer secure but easy access, so you can quickly reach your unit. Indoor facilities with large covered entrances and ample parking, or gated and well-lit facilities with wide driveways make moving your items in and out a breeze. Consider the facility's hours of operation to be sure they align with your travel schedule.
3. Proximity to Your Home
If you are planning to return home from your travels periodically or need to access your belongings frequently, consider selecting a self-storage location close to your home. The convenience of a nearby facility will make it easier for you to manage your possessions and streamline the packing and unpacking process as often as needed.
4. Avoiding Congestion Nobody enjoys spending unnecessary time in traffic jams or congested areas. When choosing a self-storage location, consider avoiding high-traffic areas during peak hours. You do not want your travel adventures to be hindered by the stress of navigating through busy streets just to reach your storage unit. Consider a storage facility on the edges or outskirts of town, rather than in the throes of traffic in the middle of “downtown.”
5. Security and Amenities Finally, do not forget to assess the security features and amenities offered by the self-storage facility. Make sure the facility is equipped with multiple security measures, such as surveillance cameras, electronic entry, and on-site staff. Also, consider the availability of climate control, which can help protect sensitive items from extreme temperatures and humidity. Security can also mean safe from bugs and mice, so do not forget to ask about pest control measures.
Conclusion Selecting the right self-storage location is a critical decision when preparing for long-term travel. Sixty5 Self Storage provides convenient, secure, and accessible storage solutions, and can make this process a whole lot easier. Call, click, or stop by and visit with our staff today to ensure a seamless experience. Let us show you why you should feel confident letting us safeguard your cherished possessions while you are away. Sixty5 Self Storage – for people who want more!