10 Benefits of Self Storage for College Students

Storage for students
It’s spring and you are about to graduate high school. You got a scholarship to a great school, but it is a state or two away in the Midwest. As you and your parents are preparing, you are starting to realize the logistics of such a move from semester to semester are a little – or a lot - harder than you first thought. You can use a moving truck to get there and back every few months. You can ship everything in and build it there, but then how do you move it out? Have you considered that maybe your best solution is a climate-controlled storage unit? Here are 10 reasons why.
1. Four seasons
You know what is great about the Midwest? We have all four beautiful seasons. What’s not so great; we have all four seasons, and you have to have a wardrobe for each one. The winter wardrobe is especially cumbersome in a little shared dorm room, even for the guys. Big puffy coats, scarves, gloves, and hats. Snow boots and just boots in general so you aren’t cold and wet in tennis shoes. Add to that a host of long sleeve shirts, pants, sweaters, and jackets. All of which you know you’ll need in March, even when you will definitely be in shorts and flip flops by the end of the spring semester.

2. Duplicate Items
You brought a microwave but your roommate brought a cuter one. She brought a tv, you brought a bigger one. Whether you never had a chance to talk to your new roomie, or you just never thought to chat about it, between the two of you there will almost certainly be duplicate items. While two futons initially sounded great, they just might not fit the space like you thought it would. Don’t get rid of it, store it for this semester because you never know what your roommate next semester will or won’t have.

3. Discounts and sharing
Storage units come in various sizes and prices, from 5’x10’ to 10’x20’. Use our handy size guide to see what size unit is right for you. You can really maximize a small budget-friendly unit with shelving and packing vertically. In addition to that, most storage facilities offer discounts to college students. Plus, most will let you share the space with your roommate or another student to make it even more affordable.

4. No back and forth
The amount of moving a student will do over the course of their college career is astounding. Moving in at the beginning of the semester, moving out at the end, going home over the summer, switching dorms, or moving to and from Greek housing. Its tiring just thinking about it. A self storage unit lets you avoid having to drag it all back to your parents’ house just to turn around and move it back again in a couple months.

5. Short term LEASE
Most storage facilities will let college students (or their parents) rent a unit on a month-to-month basis. Meaning you won’t have to waste money running out a long-term contract. You can rent exactly when you need to. Your parents can even rent it for you, and make the monthly payments online.

6. Nearby
What college student hasn’t tried to pack light for their tiny dorm room only to discover later they really could have used that item that is now hundreds of miles away at mom and dad’s house? Or taken home your winter coats and then there is a cold snap. Or accidentally left something behind because you are moving around so much. Investing in a storage unit keeps everything you need nearby so you don’t have to run out and buy new - again.

7. Easier move-in and move-out day
Remember that very first college move-in day? Your parents helped you strategically load every single thing you could possibly fit to the ceiling of your car because you had to drive across the state and you only had that one shot on move-in day. Imagine if you had a storage unit nearby and you could just go get what you need as you need it, and as the semester comes to an end you can start moving things back into the unit at your leisure. Giving you plenty of time to stand by and laugh at all the frantic freshmen who haven’t figured this out yet.

8. Extra space
This is especially for the ladies. We understand that you need different shoes for different outfits. Flip flops for the showers, tennis shoes for the gym, several colors and styles of heels for nights out, slippers to go with your pajama pants for class. Guys just don’t get how much space this takes up, but we do. So clear out from under your bed to make room for your shoes. And let us store those off-season peep-toes. Nearby of course, in case the weather changes again next week.

9. Prepare for THE move after college
If you’ve been living in a dorm or Greek Housing until now, we are here to tell you moving into an apartment after graduation doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ll need bedroom furniture, living room and dining room furniture, and all the kitchen supplies. Since you can’t just leave your stuff on a curb on move-out day and hit all the local furniture stores by dinner, what do you do? You get a storage unit. Then you can take your time finding the pieces that are just the right price and the right style, and have your household ready for your apartment on the day you DO move in.

10. Safe and secure
At Sixty5 Self Storage there is nothing more important to us than your safety. We are parents too, so we go the extra mile to take precautions to provide a facility that not only makes you feel safe, but actually is safe is at the top of our list. Our building has cameras that cover every inch of our property inside and out. The lighting is bright and functional, there is covered parking by our carts and elevators, and the double entry is by code so we know who comes in and out. We also employ extra security staff to keep you and your belongings safe.

At Sixty5 Self Storage we carefully care for your items in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage facility, but we also care for your parents’ most precious possession - you. Call, come by, or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you next semester.