7 reasons you should use self storage during remodeling

7 Reasons You Should Use Self-Storage During Remodeling

You are finally getting the new flooring, kitchen, carpeting, or maybe even that complete renovation you’ve been longing for. But it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. So what are you going to do with all of your furniture, or dishes and appliances? Here are seven reasons you should consider climate-controlled self-storage.

Whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring someone, there is always the risk of damage. Trying to keep all of your belongings crammed into less space means you will have to be extra careful that you don’t run into it, knocking things over and possibly injuring both you and the furniture! Moving everything into storage means you can carry on naturally in the other rooms of your house. And you won’t have to worry about dropping tools, spilling paint or chemicals, or getting dust on everything.

Renovations themselves are messy, dusty, and dirty. Keeping your furniture and boxes in the same house while the work is being done makes for a disaster. Moving your items into storage gives you or your crew more workspace which means the job gets done faster, and there is less chance of injury.

Anyone who has ever moved, or lived out of boxes for any amount of time knows how hard it is to find what you need when you need it. If you store your items in a storage unit you can use a shelving system. This makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Even more easy than in your own cabinets and closets! Plus you can be sure what you need won’t be in a box at the bottom of a stack. You will be in and out of your unit in a snap!

No one wants to believe that a company you hire might have a crew member with sticky fingers, but it does happen. Your door becomes a virtual revolving door that simply can’t be watched at all times. Moving your valuables to a self-storage unit is the best way to keep them safe. Consider climate controlled storage for sensitive items like paper and fabric, and check our post What to Put Away In Storage (And What Not to).

It’s only a month, and your sister said you could put everything in her basement, right? But then your plumber got called to an emergency which pushed the next crew back, and the tile you wanted is backordered, and so on. Renovations and construction almost always run longer than expected. If you use self-storage you can skip the phone calls to coordinate timing with family, and also skip the guilt about your boxes taking up the guest room that Aunt Ida was supposed to stay in that last holiday, because your project didn’t finish on time.
There is no better time than while moving things in - and later out - of your storage unit – to declutter. While packing you likely will find things in the back of cabinets that you either forgot you had, or just never have used. If you can’t bear to part with it before it goes into your storage unit, perhaps if you haven’t needed it by the time it comes back out again consider selling or donating it.
Your friend mentioned one of those container things that you can put in your driveway. Depending on where you live it could work. As long as it doesn’t get very hot, very wet, or very cold. Most items that live inside of your home, however, are sensitive to all of those elements. Wood sweats, swells, and cracks. (See 3 Ways to Store Your Outdoor Furniture) Papers and photos stick, and bugs and critters just love your cozy rugs, couches, and blankets. Not only is there no pest control with a container unit, there also is no lighting or ventilation. Which means when you have to leave the doors open to get to your stuff, you are inviting in the elements and critters.

Sixty5 Self Storage has both short-term and long-term unit rentals. Access to your items is from indoors in a perfectly controlled climate. Plus we take incredible safety and pest control measures to keep you and your belongings safe. Click here to learn more about unit sizing and pricing, or call for a tour at (417)879-6565.